ECN Capital is a North American financial business services provider operating in three unique business verticals to originate, structure and manage financial products and provide advisory services to 100+ banks and financial institutions.

Manufactured Housing
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Triad Financial Services, ECN Capital's manufactured housing business vertical, provides consumer loans for manufactured home purchases at the point of sale through long-standing partnerships with vendors and manufacturers. These high-credit quality, attractive return, medium-long duration loans are originated and serviced on behalf of a network of 40+ financial institutions.

Credit Card & Consumer Payment
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The Kessler Group, ECN Capital's credit card and consumer payment business vertical, is an established leader in financial business services with a niche market focus on managing, advising, and structuring consumer credit portfolios for US financial institutions. Kessler's platform drives deep relationships with long-term annuity contracts and performance based structures.


Formed when Element Financial Corporation separated into two public companies in October 2016, ECN Capital operated in three of Element’s legacy business verticals - Commercial & Vendor Finance, Rail Finance and Aviation Finance

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Under visionary leadership and through a number of acquisitions, investments, portfolio sales and business sales, ECN Capital strategically transformed from an asset-based lender to an asset-light business services company focused on partnering - not competing - with financial institutions.

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Next-Level Growth

Invested in premier, scalable, synergistic businesses, ECN Capital is focused on cultivating and capitalizing on the full potential of the business verticals and the combined entity to achieve significant growth and create long-term value for all stakeholders.

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